About Us

For years Linda has been making soap for friends and local people at various craft shows. Discovering that soap making not only made her happy, but was also a passion, Linda started a quest to make the perfect base recipe and take her soap and business to a new level. After many many batches, research and trial and error, Linda formulated the perfect base recipe. A recipe that in itself would make luxurious and healthy soap, adding to that pure essential oils and natural colorings and micas, Octopus Tree soap was born.

You may ask, "why such a strange name?" On our little farm in the country of Oregon we have a beautiful walnut tree that sprawls out with many trunks like the tendrils of an octopus. Our children all have grown up playing on the octopus tree, spending entire days climbing, jumping and day dreaming around the tree. It has become one of our favorite things about our property and as you can imagine sparks many fond memories. In fact the actual tree is the silhouette we used in our logo. We wanted to include the tree that we love so much with the craft we love so much and that is how the name of our soap came about.

We at Octopus Tree Soap have a passion for all things healthy and natural. Many people these days are concerned with a healthy diet and a healthy life style, but how many think about what they are putting on their body? Our skin is our biggest organ so it would make sense to keep chemicals and toxins off our skin. Being all natural, you can feel secure knowing that you are cleaning your body with the best nature has to offer. No harsh chemicals, no fake scents and no polysyllabic ingredients that you could never begin to pronounce. We believe that like food, if you can't pronounce an ingredient, you probably shouldn't be eating it or in this case, rubbing it all over your body.